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A new mesh based off of the Arcticorn Void Critter now available in earring format. You can get those here. Photo by I.


And what would a New Year be without a few NEW projects ??? In addition to pulling out a couple of older quilt UFO's from the "fabric vault" this year, I will also be adding some new BOM projects to the mix. After all. First, we have to take a look at the rule, then I will explain why I added it, then I will give some examples of the rule to maybe help shed some light on this. First the rule. If the roadway is bordered by fences or ditches, riders must stay between them. If the roadway is in open range, stay on the roadway. Hazmat crews are on the scene of a small chemical spill in Dickinson. No other details have been released. Source:. Louise Stutes, R-Kodiak, who introduced the legislation. Current rules require members of both boards to divulge any conflict of interest if they or their families have a financial interest on a subject being deliberated. That member then is not allowed to offer any input and cannot vote on the matter. Stutes' bill would allow the conflicted member to offer input, but still not vote.

"Allowing members with expertise in particular fields to deliberate will help the board make better informed decisions and lead to stronger fisheries management," she explained in a letter to constituents.

Andy Josephson, D-Anchorage. The bill would require legislative approval for any large-scale metal sulfide mine in the Bristol Bay watershed. Cut off the upper tab portion of the Scalloped Treat Box as shown above. This makes one side of the tote. This is what the box pieces will look like after they are trimmed. All three of my boys are now full-fledged Catholics. I am a coffee lover and must have at least a cup of coffee everyday.

Random coffee I had.

The Meridian Police Department has issued a warning about a scam that is evidently linked to the use of credit or debit cards at a local gas station. in Meridian. "This is not something that in the almost eight years that I've been here we've had this kind of a problem," said Blanton. Amanda Gregory is one of the fraud victims.

"My husband and I worked pretty hard for that money," said Gregory.

Her bank reimbursed her for the amount charged. She said the experience taught her a lesson. Students at one Dallas County school will be offered a free booster shot because of a mumps outbreak. The health department is also looking into nine other cases. Workers will set up a clinic at the school Friday to offer students and staff free booster shots. Mumps can spread as an infected person coughs, sneezes or shares food. Symptoms are similar to the flu and include fever, headaches, swollen salivary glands, fatigue, muscle aches and a loss of appetite. courtesy of mingpao. cc International superstar Jackie Chan has made countless action films with highly difficult stunts. Recently he has been promoting his new film and had to work even on New Year's Eve. While attending an event in Yinchuan, he greeted the audience when an uproar took place. Jackie Chan looked up and saw a fan, who for a glimpse of him reprised his classic POLICE STORY stunt. The fan climbed on the two story tall lighting scaffold. Jackie Chan tried to stop him but the fan was unresponsive. Jackie Chan sad, "If you keep doing this I am leaving!" Then he was about to leave. The fan suddenly jumped down. It was initially very gradual. Unless you knew him well, you wouldn't notice it right away. It started with the loss of his sense of time. He became erratic. He would demand to be released from the hospital one day only to ask to be returned to the hospital the next day.

He was in and out of confinement four or five times in less than a month.

His liver was failing and it was having a detrimental effect on his brain. A man who stole a car from his employer after being fired from his job was arrested in North Carolina on an outstanding grand theft warrant. He was driving the car he stole at the time of his arrest. He was fired after his employer confronted him about missing jewelry. The employer had provided Bradshaw with a car to drive as part of his job. A warrant was issued for Bradshaw's arrest. My flowers are coloured using Copic markers, and I used a recoloured peel off sentiment. If you'D like to see more detailed photographs of my card, please visit my blog.

Besides these pretty flowers, there is a whole 'garden' to choose from in the store.

here Keep Creating!. They were darling and I was thrilled. I thought it might be too much white/blank space but I actually love the simplicity of it! Do you like "white" space? I think it's a great place to show off some quilting. Speaking of which, the simple floral/leaf quilting was done by my friend Cathy Barney. She did a great job, as always! I wanted to use as much fabric as I could from those cute fat eighths so I made a scrappy binding. with "John". Chewy, sliced up Lemon Bar The week moves on. Yours Truly, Miss Bloggette . Related: "A day without women, day without a woman, women's day". Video, simulazioni e un interessante dibattito per mostrare ai nostri alunni le multiformi funzioni che la Finanza assume nel segno della tutela civile. Fumetti e slogan accattivanti ci hanno fatto addentrare in un groviglio di temi e problematiche piuttosto lontani dal lessico infantile. Un monologo di Brignano, un estratto dell'esilarante Qualunquemente, cartoon popolati dai celebri baschetti verdi antiterrorismo. ci hanno aiutato a "masticare" e assimilare i bocconi amari di un'Italia funestata da falsificazioni fiscali, tasse eluse, scontrini dimenticati, disservizi a catena che ricadono sui piccoli risparmiatori. Alla famigerata domanda "PERCHÉ PAGARE LE TASSE?" i bimbi, veicolati dai brillanti "operatori di sicurezza", hanno capito quanti svantaggi arreca la tentacolare piovra dell'evasione, strozzando giustizia, economia, assistenzialismo. I recall posting on this when it happened, but can't find it now. I do note this isn't the first time I've used this title. In the news this past week was a report that a truck spilled hundreds of thousands of Skittles on a rural road in Wisconsin, and that before the accident occurred the candy was destined to be used as cattle feed. Today a report in the Wisconsin State Journal explains that such practice is perfectly o. k. "As a parent I understand the concern for sugar, it's just that ruminant animals are totally different than humans. The same logic can't be applied. For further information on the Russian Oil Scam, please Read . Restored Republic via a GCR Feb. ChildAbuseRecovery. A. Feb. In the meantime, experts stressed that the delay in the payment of contractors greatly affected the local economy, and led to the reluctance of the work of some banks and increasing slack in the market. Its features include a definition of each idiom that includes at least two examples of usage, an alphabetical index for locating each idiom, and an easy-to-read format with a minimum of abbreviations and symbols. NTC's Thematic Dictionary of American Idioms is an invaluable tool that allows writers, speakers, and students of English to locate the exact idiomatic expressions they need quickly and easily. e. /usr/share/inkscape/extensions After starting Inkscape up again, and creating a design. Good morning from Mud City! The farm today is mostly water, and while I wait for new lambs I wanted to share this picture Miriam Romais took of Joseph, Sean Connery, and Chase the rooster. This little guy's a bit soggy right now, eating his breakfast in the rain - but otherwise in good shape. I am still waiting on more lambs. Lambs could be here in ten minutes, ten days, or next month. In other news the farm has managed one of the payments needed this month and I have a plan in place to make more.

For details on classes, illustrations, logos and workshops, etc please defer to social media.

It is encouraging to see a dollar thrown into that pot. It shows there is an audience happy to support a blog like this.

Not a bad way to shed some light on a muddy day.

More lamb updates on the way as soon as they arrive! . parking on the Cambrian apron. parking on the Cambrian apron. parking on the GA apron. Happy Saturday everyone!!! Holy moly am I glad it's the weekend! This had been such an insane week and I am just so glad to finally relax this morning before the crazy continues tonight. These are REALLY cool kits for layering, art journaling, and creating backgrounds for your other stamps. SMAK INFO LINK LOL INFO LINK I put together an art journal page using this month's SMAK kit.

I used the stamps in the background and painted over top of them and then added stamped and colored flowers on top.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett proclaimed today Patti Smith Day in Milwaukee.

Today is Patti Smith Day in Milwaukee! pic. Wednesday was another no-go with rain more or less all day and we began to feel we'd never get there. No not Michael Woodhouse although he is demonstrating almost on a daily basis a very strong bias to something similar. .