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You might assume that they had the help of their many servants, as Abraham did in his rescue of Lot.

Is bigfoot somehow causing this?.

Hello everyone! It's time for a new challenge here at Really Reasonable Ribbon. Please scroll down to the next post for the winners of the last challenge. Create a card, layout, multi media piece, tag, ATC, hair bow, you name it. Just be sure to follow the theme above and use ribbon, lace or trim somewhere on your project. The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal. Aristotle And thousands of years later, here we are. still in the same place. E. R. M. She also added white fans by drawing a green border with a marker on white cardstock. I hope you've been inspired to decorate for St. Patrick's Day even if you're not entertaining. "Means and ends are central. If your means are corroded, your ends will be corroded. And if you're fighting to preserve liberty and you use means that eviscerate our liberties, the end will be corroded, too. Friends of freedom feel his loss already.

He was a freethinker and steadfast defender of free speech who defied being pigeonholed to a particular party line.

He was also an author, music critic, and columnist. As a columnist for the Village Voice the automatic assumption was that he was a radical. Just started this painting yesterday with a charcoal drawing and with the oil paint today. The girl on the left side does not look the way I want her to look based on the reference photo I'm using. Her face and the color of her jacket will change, but I like the contrast between the two girls' expressions right now and I'd like to see the transformation, which is why I've taken pictures as I progress through the process of painting. . sayomg. "Dixie" and "Myrtle" former Christy Show elephants. "Myrt" would work for anybody, very gentle.

Seems even though Dana Hahn is tending to her ailing mother and headed back home to Michigan, there is significant mistrust amongst the rank and file.

Although she's had a few business dalliances like this, Hahn was generally well-liked in Jack London Square and brought much needed cohesion to the station particularly at a time when KTVU is still dealing with new ownership from Cox to Fox. The person has a keen awareness of what's going on at KTVU but like all others, asked for anonymity. "We're all a little apprehensive. Here's part of what I said: Historical exegesis and linguistic semantics aren't decoder rings. "Lately, I've been working through the Ante-Nicene fathers. " Have you been using your "personal decoder ring that you found in a Cracker Jack box" to interpret them? "Yes, every Protestant sect is filled with historians and linguists. Good luck with that. " You depend on the same thing to evaluate the historical claims of Rome. Yet, she notes most people of color already have to live with racism while white people don't. You want to bring about your own destruction, I'm all for it. Just leave me out of it. Really. Iacolino testimoni di un'epoca. Laws they oppose are to be disregarded. In other words, he stands for lawlessness and tyranny. I understand getting popped for intoxicated driving, getting belligerent, being taken down to the station, booked. The dots I don't see connected are how do you go from that to getting your house searched? A connected lawyer doesn't know to keep his mouth shut around the police? I see the guy's a real. uh. It's been a hectic time since school went back so I'm enjoying a quiet Saturday morning at last! I've made a card using two sources of inspiration. Firstly, the sketch challenge at Global Design Project. In this card, I've taken the change below the line in the sketch to be a change in texture, rather than a change in colour or pattern. The bird is stacked on two other bird shaped to give him some depth and the branch on one. I've left the branch to hang over the frame a bit. The sky background is sponged on watercolour paper and then it's been flicked with water to lift some of the colour. The sentiment is clear embossed over Sahara Sand ink. I had been thinking of a baby girl card as I was making it but now I think it could also suit an engagement or even a wedding or anniversary. This weeks theme at CCT is Cool Colours.

I have used Lawn Fawn paper on my card and an image from the Mama Elephant Lunar Animals stamp set which is coloured with Copics.

the sentiment is Lawn fawn and the frame die is another one from China which I got from Ebay. Three excerpts from Robert Macfarlane's The Old Ways: A Journey on Foot: ". once you begin to notice them, you see that the landscape is still webbed with paths and footways. enjoy. Aloha Randy. The last time we were together on Wednesday we told you that we thought we were about two weeks away from having Mosul…and I told you that Friday, two days later, that it would be one week, so therefore we needed another week IMO…. I ask, just for fun, whether you have read Thurman Arnold's "The Role of Substantive Law and Procedure in the Legal Process". Also used in a special sense is "substantive law" which is the body of legal precedent that has been established and which has been accorded reverence because of its attributes and those recognised in the legal system, and by society, attaching to courts.

Substantive law concerns principles, whereas procedure is entirely practical.

Procedure is not tradition-bound but changes in the light of practical requirements. Whereas substantive law may be restated, procedure can be reformed. It's been an interesting week, some things I've told you about, some I haven't told you about, some things that went public and some did not. We are still looking very good. They are not floating, and they aren't necessarily what the rates will be when it's time to get going. Of course, not every bank deals with foreign currency. Aria, Heidi, and Jessica will share some of their work with students. Immerse: Watch this Ted Talk on Mindfulness Explore: mindfulschools.

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i'm creeping closer and closer to the beginning of the month with these book selections. and one of these months it's gonna be on the first or maybe even at the end of the month prior and you guys are gonna have a goddamn heart attack. to prove my newfound dedication to this group, i went to my local independent bookseller and purchased seven or eight interesting-looking YA novels so i can get ahead of the curve, even though i had to withstand the irl scrutiny of real human eyes who were definitely thinking "bitch you don't have this many kids. " or any, but whatever. i get nervous when i see a book everywhere that i actually really want to succeed because man that's got to be a lot of pressure? but also HOORAY FOR ALL THIS PUBLIC PRAISE. expectations are tough. but i read the first few pages and am already in love so angie girl i hope this sells a million copies and you get enough money to put new tires on your car or whatever your realistic goals are. Unfortunately no candidates were certified.  The budget working group met for the second time this week. In just two meetings the group has made a tremendous amount of progress. While the site is built we still need to do a lot more work to both update the existing content and include new content. Embed from Getty Images. I had a great dream. I was in this perfect little coffee shop with mixture of old English and Turkish decor. Dark leather couches and seats with deep red carpets, fine art on the wall. I was talking politics with JJ McCullough. I'd read his Washington Post piece before going to sleep and had been reading about early last centuries rebellion of Arab tribes near Mecca against the Turkish Ottoman Empire. David Brooks and Gretchen Carlson. sharing a TED Talk. It has been a busy couple of weeks, but I added some new features to my VBE tools. Line Continuation Here's a pic of what's available. My version of line continuation adds spaces and underscores after And and Or keywords. Can you share what market exclusive means. All of your designs are lovely and lovely.

Peter Boetke in his new book, "Living Economics" throws out the following: "Economics put parameters on Utopias".

The more famous quote of Friederich Hayek strikes a related chord:"The curious task of economics is to demonstrate to men how little they really know about whatthey imagine they can design.

" So politicians need to be careful to have supportive economists on board for their various utopian plans.

They will need some that will be very parsimonious with the parameter placements. Fortunately for the politicians they can always find a least one PhD economist to argue for whatever position. The hucksters promoting the plan prior to its passage spoke of saving the country from bankruptcy and increasing access to care and improving quality. He was not tasked with working in some type of mythical society-physician alliance to conserve collective medical resources acting as the steward of those resources. .