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You will need a list of account names to generate the passwords for.

This list needs to be in a CSV and the accounts need to be in a column named "SamAccountName". When you run the script, you'll be prompted for the file path and name that needs to be imported. Good day to all my bloggy friends! Happy Wednesday! For today I have a Spring card that I made for a friend who loves coffee as much as I DO! I used Lawn Fawn's Perfectly Plaid paper pad. I think it just screams Spring! For the layers I used the Stitched Rectangles Dies from Gina Marie Designs. I used the Pumpkin Spice Latte Cutting Files from PPPR. For a little sunshine, I adhered a die cut sun from the CAC cartridge on to the center of the coffee cup. Next, I stamped the sentiment from the Smile stamp set from APB and sprinkled pretty sequins on my card. Well, I'll have you know that I became quite familiar with that particular mechanic over the course of this next session. Before I dive in, here's a quick plot summary. Our guy, Maksim Rukov has been sent to Kursk street to further investigate the death of former KGB agent, now private investigator Pyotr Golitsin, who was supposed to meet tonight with a contact going by the codename "Hollywood". I've been given a fake identity for the purpose of this undercover mission. My fake name is to be Kliment Kruglov, and I'm a bicycle brake repairman. I've made the first steps towards our new season garden. It will be planted up some time in March but before that, we'll have the chooks in there to search for bugs and scratch around, and then we'll start the process of improving the soil. Doing that gives us healthy crops that can stand up to small invasions of caterpillars or grasshoppers and it gives the vegetables a really good taste. So far I've potted on parsley seedlings and sown sweet peas seeds and heirloom tomato seeds - a French variety called Rouge de Marmande, a delicious ruby red tomato.

I'm also on the lookout at the nursery and markets for some grafted heirloom tomatoes.

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