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Granite moon, Mary Morton Parsons Earth-Moon Sculpture. Photos by I.


I received this question: "I don't understand your point on doctrine. e. How do we know? "You will save yourselves and your hearers. "Sometimes sharing truth can be called fault-finding. In the light of God's Word, we are called to hold people accountable to the Word of God as believers. The church today has gone too soft on living for God. " Thank you for the reminder. I agree. It is true that people could be called faultfinders when in fact they are confronting a brother biblically. It is also true that a person could be a faultfinder in the bad sense and justify himself that his is only holding Christians accountable to the Word of God. Brothers, if someone is caught in a sin, you who are spiritual should restore him gently. But watch yourself, or you also may be tempted. PLoS Biol. pbio. Genome editing: Bioethics shows the way. An aquarium shows life as it is passing bubbles upward , Each of the bubbles can reflect a person and their time in existence. The cycle is started and begins it's journey upward. It may bigger task then I expected. I will also have to balance medicsl issues during this time but I know I will get support from the Almighty in the whole event. So I will maintain the blog during the next couple months but will obviously be somewhat lighter than usual,. I will be back in a stronger mode later. I will not have a lot of time so posts may be sporadic but not gone. Links will be up and will be monitored every so often. AND if anyone has an extra ten grand I can certainly put it to good use ! Keep on Truck'in guys. I've strayed a bit from the original block, but I don't think that Esther would have minded. As someone passionate about flowers, natural landscapes etc,I've been concerned for the plight of Bee populations across our country and the world. So I decided to make a personal statement with this block. I drew my bees onto a solid taupe background using an archival ink marker. With barely a flake of snow falling in town all winter, we are bracing for a big snowstorm tonight with possible blizzard conditions. Big businesses in our area have already announced closings for tomorrow. So it looks like Tuesday is going to be a Snow day - Sew day at my house. Police in Rockwall are investigating after a pedestrian was killed and another severely injured after they were struck by a car while walking on an interstate service road, officials say. m. , according to Sgt. Aaron McGrew, police spokesman. McGrew said the two pedestrians were walking in the roadway when they were struck. Continua a restare protagonista il maltempo nelle Eolie che sono - praticamente - isolate se si eccettua qualche corsa in aliscafo per le isole maggiori. Per domani, stante quanto riportato da windfinder. courtesy of singtao. Due to all the cuisine in the film, the longer they watched the hungrier they got. She sad, "Many friends said that they felt very hungry as they watched, even if they went to the movie full they still felt hungry. " She also said that she was the best at making soup. Earlier she even "studied" making Jian Dui. "I am not a great cook, I am OK with soup. This Lunar New Year I learned to make Lunar New Year food with elders. courtesy of mingpao.

Actors Bob Lam Sing Bun, Mak Ling Ling, Natalie Tong Sze Wing, Jacquelin Chong Si Man, Angie Shum Yat Ka and Snow Suen Wai Suet attended.

Ah Suet dressed up for the occasion but denied that it was her great liberation after marriage. She was only matching her adult video actress character in the film. She said that she did not need to consult her husband about what she wore. Tong Sze Wing said that she would ask boyfriend Tony Hung Wing Sing to get tickets and support domestic films. Amazon Prime just keeps getting better and weirder. So many it will take many posts to even detail a sliver.

So let's start on the Italian side.

Detectives with the Sheriff's Special Investigations Unit arrested three people on multiple drug related warrants Thursday. They knew she had outstanding warrants and knew her license was suspended. They found drug paraphernalia in the car as well. She was booked into jail for driving with her license suspended and possession of drug paraphernalia. She was also charged with outstanding warrants for selling heroin to an undercover operative twice in early February. m.

Frank Mallicoat One of my frequent mass irritations about KPIX.

and there's many. Of course when is that ever considered. As backup for the procedure, he telephoned hospitals in Chongqing and Guangzhou for two extra, matching livers. The livers were delivered within twenty-four hours, but never used, according to four reports in officially-connected Chinese media outlets. Dr. S. Flaky-Flake wants us all to know what a great pal he is. " Hey, and I thought all our "friends" on the "progressive" side of the aisle were insistent that requiring government-issued photo IDs for anything beyond James Taylor concerts for Obama "disenfranchised minorities". For further information on these Scams, please Read . I think I'd rather be on a cruise ship!!!"So said my high school friend Joe yesterday. Well, it certainly is not hot here off the coast of New Zealand's southern island, but it is neither rainy nor dreary. Even before the sun was up, we slipped into Milford Sound. "Sound" does not do it justice. When I hear that term, I think of the vast expanse of Puget Sound and its associated islands.

Milford Sound is one of the star attractions of Fjordland, New Zealand's largest national park.

At this point, it doesn't matter. Trump or Pence. Just get it done. Enjoy the discussion I know you will. Personal is for printing direct on Personal size paper. If you use iTunes please gives us your rating or reviews of the podcast. We are looking for artists, bands, musicians, performers, filmmakers, art vendors, event curators and volunteers to help make this years festival a success. Events are held at venues around downtown Riverside, with a majority of the participants based in the Inland Empire. Saturation includes concerts, films, workshops, exhibitions, handcrafted art and much more.

Hey all! The end of the school year is fastly approaching us and we have a lot of things to do still in the HHS Band Program!Congratulations:We would like to congratulate the following students for being nominated for various honors for Michigan Youth Arts Festival after their fine performances at State Solo and Ensemble.

Smigell's Office in the band room. Sunday. what a laid back day at la casa Foresee. I'm gonna be honest, I spent the majority of the day doing laundry. Yeah, that is right, I had sooo much laundry that I could fill an entire morning, afternoon, and evening a washing and a drying. Our school time includes pretend play. The boys and Mercy do not understand "pretending". They never dared pretend after years of rejection and isolation. These are our puppet family- mom, dad, children. They act out silly stories.

Moses likes to "help".

He's so proud of himself when he joins in. But he doesn't like us to make a big deal out of it. Adopted from alalali. lemon juiceDirections Wash eggplant, remove the stem. Use a corer to remove the pulp to create a hole for the rice stuffing. Sprinkle salt, place in cold water immediately to prevent from turning brown In a pan, add oil or butter. I make it when i can't get arabian pita, great with "fooll muddames" as well. This is my Mom's recipe. Set aside. Pour in the oil and yeast/water mixture and stir well. An article from three British researchers makes a good case that vagal tone is not the reason for the athlete's bradycardia. see footnotes Traditionally, the slow heart rate of endurance athletes is attributed to increased vagal tone but the authors argue that this increased tone has never been demonstrated at least in part because it is not clear how that could even be measured as the vagus carries both afferent and efferent fibbers.

Further experimental blockage of the autonomic nervous system has not lead to mitigation of the bradycardia.

They reference a number of articles claiming there is remolding of ion channels in aging and familial bradycardia and pulmonary hypertension. Note: This post will be continuously updated with more entries as they are submitted. The Kurdistan Region has passed three "difficult" years, Barzani continued, but the region is stepping into a better future. The KRG's priority will be finding a solution for the political issues in the region, he added. When everyone around me gave up I kept the faith. What a perfect segway to our RV at the perfect time. Of Treasury is being hidden for a reason. THE MANY ROADS OF LIFE AND A FEW WORDS OF WISDOM. They always Catch the second person. She doesn't really have a big daebak movie or drama but her house is huge. I was pretty surprised. It's amazing. In an attempt to cheer her up, Mike offers to have him and Frankie babysit the neighbor's baby overnight, which puts some perspective on being an older parent. .