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Thank you to everyone who participated in our February Technique challenge by creating cards showing off the lovely sunburst/starburst technique! The Design Team has selected the following as our winners.

Please join us in giving a round of applause to. You may collect it from the Badges tab at the top of the page here. All the details can be found on the original challenge post. . The cards we always need, and hate to make. At least this is beautiful! Stamps: Sentiment is from a Paper pumpkin kit Paper: Sahara sand, Falling in Love DSP, silver glimmer paper Ink: Black Accessories: Dragonfly Dreams bundle, silver ribbon. I've been saying that for years! It astounds me what people will put on Facecrap, Instagram, and in an email. Solo presente personale amministrativo. Si ritiene doveroso al di la degli interessi politici da difendere, attenzionare le problematiche esistenti presso il p. o. I guess as long as the crematoriums pay for carbon credits. A. T. F. What is it about B-A-T-F-U! setting up criminal enterprises, ostensibly to fight crime? I guess knowing they can literally get away with abetting murder gives them a sense of being. untouchable. E. I make a lot of something. shapes, or blocks like hexies, then arrange them. My initial thought was to do a tree of all colors but now I am open to any and all settings. I LOVE the one above. Many Thanks & Much Gratitude To:Yosef, The Mu Crew, One Who Believes, Veritas & All The New Paradigm Stewardship:. Probably at the same time Heisenberg was having a Guinness in waking life haha! Heisenberg, thank you for encouraging all of us to be ourselves.

I know the pressure has really been on us, for as long as we have all respectively been involved in this, to rise to the occasion.

But that doesn't mean being some kind of cookie-cutter type of spiritual person, philanthropist, or anything - if that even exists! It means to be the best version of our unique, wonderful selves. A space for everyone to enjoy with many opportunities for inspiration, creativity, and recreation. Allison, of Cluck Cluck Sew, asked me to quilt this cute quilt made out of her newest fabric line, "Hello Jane". Jane is her little girl. She's so smart - naming the fabric line after her pretty little one. This is just one of her new patterns. AND - she's offering a discount on her patterns by using the code: Hellojane Just go to her pattern shop here. I had such fun quilting her "Cascade" quilt. mornin doug. via Instagram. I think I have discovered my favourite ever Cadbury chocolate bar! This is a very serious claim given my love for Cadbury Dairy Milk Whole Nut, Mini Eggs and Cadbury Caramel bars. But I honestly believe the new Cadbury Dairy Milk Big Taste Peanut Caramel Crisp is THE most delicious chocolate concoction that I have ever tried. Each chunky piece displays an embossed shelled peanut image on the top layer of chocolate, adding to the multi-sensory nutty experience. When I design new products, I am always thinking about how they can be used to create layers and dimension - which to me are hallmarks of mixed media. I also try to develop my collections so that they work with each other. As new lines are released, I want you to be able to integrate them into the supplies you already own. With that in mind, my new collection with PaperArtsy was designed and engineered to work seamlessly with some of my stencils previously released by StencilGirl Products. Good people! These are my new stamps and Wood Chips from PaperArtsy. You can easily see how they work together. Here are my Insider and Outsider stencil from StencilGirl. Both collections. Wednesday was another no-go with rain more or less all day and we began to feel we'd never get there. Al Jarreau - Mornin'. Have you ever wanted to watch some exclusive content on a website and got that annoying "This material is not available in your region" message? Have you ever been excited about a Kindle deal and had the rug pulled from under your feet when you found out that the price you saw on Reddit or a message board doesn't apply to you? Of course you have! And it sucks, right? I first encountered this crap years ago. I used to be a big Survivor fan. Alas, all the bonus content found on the CBS website wasn't available in Canada. And since per capita Survivor was more popular in Canada than in the USA, that didn't make a whole lot of sense. It was a sad state of affairs, but that was that. The same goes for Koh-Lanta, the French adaptation of Survivor aired in France. Keep in mind that this was before the proliferation of the illegal streaming websites, so in those days everyone in my situation was pretty much shit out of luck. But then I met a few foreign university students and interns and they taught me how to change my IP address. Carrot is a rabbit mink in the Warrior Beast Tribe, a member of the Inuarashi Musketeer Squad, and a ruler's aide. Carrot is a white-furred, blonde-haired, curvaceous rabbit mink with rabbit ears, a rabbit-like nose, and a large round fluffy tail. She wears a short orange dress with a green cape, a single rabbit paw-like glove, and brown boots. Upon sneaking aboard the Thousand Sunny, she changed to a simple orange dress with the word "RABBIT" at the front with a single white strip, a black knitted cap, and loafers. She also had a backpack and a canteen. After reaching Totto Land, Carrot dons a simple, short-skirt dress decorated with three vertical stripes running down the center and frills at the bottom, neck, and sleeves, and tied up at the front with a light colored bow, as well as a pair of black dress shoes. Carrot is very protective of the Mokomo Dukedom and is highly aggressive towards intruders. LiveMusicLineUp. Please check back prior to your departure - to confirm the show you are going to see has not been updated. I am ready to start the new year with a bang!! Last night, I wrote out my resolutions and I knew I would be gung ho ready to start them when I woke up!. Spray lightly with oil and season with salt and pepper. evonames.


UKIT. This week for many has felt like "the end", like they can't make it through, BUT GOD is breathing life, hope and strength back into you. God is healing hearts and souls and removing the "landing pads" the enemy has found. God is serving the enemy a double whammy! Deliverance, healing, increase and promotion is breaking through into the lives of God's people, catapulting them further than they have ever been with greater strength and stability in Jesus. Don't believe the lie that breakthrough is further away than ever! That's a lie! Nothing has changed! We are moving further into the breakthrough season than we ever have been. The enemy knows that and He is fortifying His people in Him to move forward in strength, boldness and power.