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Check out this really creepy clip from the movie "Bigfoot County".

I would hate to meet bigfoot this way.

One of the most frightening thing a bigfoot investigator can find is an abandoned campsite.

You can tell by there appearance that something caused the campers to take off in the middle of the night, and abandon all of their belongings out of fear for their lives.

. Ahh! Remember when January used to be a snowy month? Ten years ago on the blog things were a bit subdued on the biking side, and with good reason! Snow was blanketing the trails and the temperatures were, well. Winter-like! Yes, there was a time when we had copious amounts of the white stuff to play around in, but of course, that was all pre-fat bikes. Dang it! Generally speaking, it used to snow right around Thanksgiving time. That typically was enough to effectively shut us out of the trails, in terms of cycling, and the only alternative to cycling in the woods then was XC skiing or snow shoeing. For me, we never really ever had enough snow cover to make snow shoeing necessary, or even fun. So, I haven't been out on the bicycle of late, trying to recover and all, ya know. So, I kind of feel like I haven't been doing what I should be doing. My bikes have been leaning, not moving. And you know what they say about when you have time to lean. So, I was just sent some brakes and shifters from Gevenalle. The package came with a front derailleur as well. Now the plan was set all along that this stuff was going on the Tamland. I had a somewhat interesting conversation with a friend today morning. interesting. Like law firm attorneys, in-house counsel face many ethical and professionalism challenges in their daily practices.

And like law firm attorneys, in-house counsel are subject to the Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct.

However many of the Rules often seem inapplicable to those practicing in-house. This online course seeks to bridge the gap between perception and reality, and answer ethical and professionalism questions in-house counsel face every day. Four days ago, I praised Sabine Hossenfelder's remarks about the hypothesis that our Universe is a simulation. Some of these two folks' views were mentioned at Gizmodo. So at some imperfect but high confidence level, the "simulation hypothesis" has been ruled out. Aaronson doesn't like it and he's wrong. Aaronson's thesis is a typical slogan repeated by the people who don't have any clue about physics, especially the state-of-the-art physics. trendmutti. Rather than casting doubt on Judge Gorsuch.

Otherwise, why the carte blanche from all the big names in RKBA? You don't need to be an anti to want answers.

Where we get in trouble is when we don't ask questions. M. It's the bloated and blood-sucking ticks and fleas you need to watch out for. Three of us were scrub bashing this morning with little in the way of birding. Small Tortoiseshell butterflies are now appearing in urban gardens. A Redshank was feeding on the wader scrape this afternoon. Rod Heeley. No reports for today, but this is the photo that should have gone in the Barnsley Chronicle a couple of weeks ago. Thanks to a bit of cajoling from our local elected member, it appeared in this week's edition. For those of you who don't get the Chronicle, here are the names of the people on it. The three stooges at the front are the founding members of Carlton Marsh, Keith Bannister, Cliff Gorman & Eric M. Be sure and attend Sampler this Saturday and all this month at the Attic Window Quilt Shop. While there you can see the blocks for one of the Sampler Quilts being offered this year. As stated in a previous post, this Quilt Sampler is called Forest Floor. There will be four different Sampler kits offered at the Attic Window this year, all starting in March.

Vickie S.

is making the sample for the shop. Above you can see more of the blocks she made and the beautiful fabric that will be used in this quilt. The first Session this month is Saturday, Feb. you know. ask the Russians?. For further information on these Scams, please Read . This time we have Legion Light cav led by Banastre Tarleton I really liked the finished look of these chaps and i think they will just add a bit more colour to the table as in the last post of tried to get a photo from different direction of each figure, i've found it really useful myself when looking for paint sources to use for painting my own, sometimes your left wondering whats on the other side how have they painted that so i hope it helps anybody looking for painting sources. If anybody is after the colours i've used just drop a wee note and i'll do my best to get back to you. Note: This post will be continuously updated with more entries as they are submitted. Bonds and bond offerings for government rebuilding?? Because government knows best and we don't? Because we still need masters, Bruce? After seeing this, my shield raised and my sword burned bright. I hope I never meet this Bruce person. ITS REALLY TOUGH ON THE COPIERS WHEN IT IS SCATTERED AND ALSO REQUIRES MORE TIME TO COLOR AND PRODUCE. IT IS ALSO HARD FOR OTHERS TO READ AT A LATER DATE. SO AGAIN PLEASE BE NICE TO THEM AND LETS KEEP THE COPY IN ORDER. Thank you for all of the blessings we share and for the opportunity to share with each other this investment opportunity You've led us to. We ask that You be with our leaders around the world as they work to bring peace and harmony to a hurting world. The more we believe, the more we get, and the less we believe, the less we get. As it turns out, it is better to believe than not. Bankers Who Play Dumb Bankers who know what is going on are in a VERY precarious position. They have been trained TO PLAY DUMB. That was so easy because they were just being truthful when they said that they didn't exchange the Iraqi Dinar and that any RV rumors we false. However, times have changed because we are so close. So those who used to claim that there was no such thing as an RV, and really believed it, now must claim the same thing still, but now they are ACTING dumb instead, because they really do know it is true. Dear Readers, I just wanted to give a special thanks to everyone. Thank you so much for all of the love you have shown. You are all the Light of Dinar Chronicles and to Mother Earth. I am forever grateful and It is always a pleasure to be of service to all of you.

We are on the final stretch of this journey.

Let's finish it together. Thank you for choosing us. Restored Republic via a GCR Jan. ChildAbuseRecovery. A. Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine In-Press. Early Online Release FDA Oversight of Laboratory-Developed Tests: Where Are We Now? Ken Gatter, MD, JD From the Department of Pathology, School of Medicine, Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland. " cf. , and. Pedro of the Treetops is a jaguar mink and captain of the Guardians. He is the former captain of the Nox Pirates who sailed in search of a Poneglyph, and he earned a bounty in the process, but his journey was cut short in Totto Land. Pedro is a large, male feline mink with spotted fur, white ears, and long, wavy blonde hair. He gave up his left eye during his time as a pirate captain, and presently covers his scar with his hair. Due to the ruthless way Jack and his men brutalized the minks, he suffered grievous injuries to the left side of his face and has a torn left ear. Upon entering Totto Land, Pedro donned a dress shirt with floral-like frills down the middle, a dark cape with the same frills on the edge, and a large dark hat which partially obscures his face. Pedro is extremely loyal to whomever he follows, and is often overly eager to use violence to help his allies during tense situations without waiting for discussion. As a Guardian, he is willing to lay down his life in order to defend the Whale Forest against intruders, though he admits that he and the rest of the Guardians are a bit too sensitive to intruders and will call off an attack if asked to do so. I am very worried about the global economy in the next. READ THE REST OF THE ARTICLE ON THE NEW WEBSITE: JIM ROGERS TALKS MARKETS. I am ready to start the new year with a bang!! Last night, I wrote out my resolutions and I knew I would be gung ho ready to start them when I woke up!.

Atheists make a big deal about this, even though atheism has no basis for human rights.

But our feelings of revulsion after the Dresden attack were not widely shared. The British public at that time still had bitter memories of World War I, when German armies brought untold misery and destruction to other people's countries, but German civilians never suffered the horrors of war in their own homes. I remember arguing about the morality of city bombing with the wife of a senior air force officer, after we heard the results of the Dresden attack. She was a well-educated and intelligent woman who worked part-time for the ORS. I asked her whether she really believed that it was right to kill German women and babies in large numbers at that late stage of the War. .