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From the Center for Cryptozoological Studies: An eyewitness was driving by the entrance to the park when he glanced to this fight and saw a large dark figure standing by a sign in the park. We investigated the area and found a print by the creek across the road. The print was indefinable and there were no toes. It could have been an older boot print but there were no treads in the print. This area did have another sighting in the past. The woods can be a very scary place, and dangerous too. Better watch where you step. Hastings & St Leonards Observer reviews ExploreTheArch's take on Jane Eyre, The House of the Heroine, which is part of the Jane Eyre Project at St Leonards-on-Sea.

This new take on Brontë's Jane Eyre is a dreamy expressionist piece exploring Jane's psychological battles through voices in her head and the conjuring of avian creatures from a bird book.

Bewick's History of British Birds, the book that a ten year old Jane hides with at the beginning of the novel, has bought to life the idiosyncratic birds operating as metaphors for Jane Eyre's experiences. Performer, Gail Borrow, personifies the exuberant creatures playfully. The two cockerels vibrantly morph into bullies, John Reed of Gateshead Hall and the zealous wannabe missionary, St John Rivers.

This mirroring of the attitudes of the two male cousins in Jane's life creates humour which quickly spirals into startlingly chaotic theatrical moments in the production.

lawnfawn. I hope you enjoy it! Watch it below or at our You Tube channel. g. Not just words off a page. courtesy of singtao. Because she was working in Taiwan, she was unable to personally accept the award in Germany. HAPPINESS director Law Yiu Fai had to accept it on her behalf. Sister Siu Hung got a little sentimental but still happy after learning about the award. grafiktrafik. Don't you just love the way January's guest designer, Emma, carried the star theme throughout her Owl Nephew card? The kraft background ties back so nicely to the way she colored the owl - and that night sky!!! Love the dusky feel of it. Be sure to stop by her blog and leave her some love. I've been sharing more of my favorite children's books lately, and these posts have been something that I've really enjoyed putting together. Have you seen the February KOTM yet? It's amazing! It's called Unexpected Places. I decided to make a tag using the globe and a sentiment: I used Tim Holtz tag dies to cut the tag out of patterned paper by Jane Davenport. I colored the globe, cut it out and added with dimensional dots. Be sure to check out the all the details about subscribing to the KOTM on the website here!. Thank God for Amit Agarwal of Digital Inspiration for the Video tutorial n Youtube on how to Save Gmail email attachments to your Google drive account.

I wrote this last August and it's still very relevant.

Lately, due to the GOP picking Donald Trump as their presidential nominee, I've been seeing articles and think-pieces on poor whites and their voting habits. The pieces invariably take the tone that whites are voting against their own self-interests by voting for Republicans and that they need understanding and kindness to help them out of this dilemma. Historians and social scientists are still trying to figure out exactly when "white people" officially became a thing. Whichever it is, there is no doubt that whites have been advantaged over blacks for the entirety of American history. Bracken notes who must be eliminated. Of which "fake news" shutouts are a part. Anybody think "it" can't happen here? Turn 'em all in, Mr. and Mrs. America!. For further information on these Scams, please Read . For further information on these Scams, please Read . scam-job-emails. tk `. This past week I was reading a volume of writings by Nobel prize winners. I've never heard of troll-drums, have difficulty adding a drum to my inner vision of trolls, can't quite derive the word from my understanding of "troll," and can't envision trolls in a Caribbean environment. Can anyone clarify? I may have missed an essential part of the folklore. Image credit. An Astronomy Photo of the Day from last year, explained as follows: Why would the sky look like a giant fan? Airglow. The featured intermittent green glow appeared to rise from a lake through the arch of our Milky Way Galaxy, as captured last summer next to Bryce Canyon in Utah, USA. Unlike auroras powered by collisions with energetic charged particles and seen at high latitudes, airglow is due to chemiluminescence, the production of light in a chemical reaction. Relevant sublinks at APOD. Local Ramblers clubs Members were circulated with details asking them to Object. Nobody did.

As it is now it is all Legal as regards the closures etc.

Sorry to be negative but it is all too late? A long lone battle was fought and those who fought the hardest were stabbed in the back by several – worst of all the inactivity by Plaid Cymru over years ! This could have been a modern day Capel Celyn for Plaid Cymru but they would rather stick to their "green" chapel replacements and support the Duke of Beaufort. It has been like shaking scythes at cannon as they did in Ireland at Vinegar Hill except we were so few here against all the big guns – the "big guns" this time were incredibly clever and very well resourced Barristers working for the Duke and the German developers! Whatever the struggle continues not simply to stop a Construction Road and Wind Farm but to challenge the right of English Aristocrats, medieval Conquistadors and present day capitalists and now Eco – Colonial exploiters as well to ravage our land and make huge profits. We say no! will you join us in our campaign to rid Mynydd y Gwair of the 'Beaufort Bunch' if nothing else this would be a great victory. FOOTPATH WAYS TO THE RWE ROAD TAKE BACK OUR LAND OTHER NEWS - INFORMATION Videos of mynydd y gwair. There are a several hundred of these accounts, so I needed a way to generate strong passwords for all the accounts and give them to me in a format I can use to either hand over to the team that will be changing those passwords, or that I can "pull" into another script to change the passwords. With this in mind, I wrote a script to generate strong passwords for the service accounts. You will need a list of account names to generate the passwords for. This list needs to be in a CSV and the accounts need to be in a column named "SamAccountName".

When you run the script, you'll be prompted for the file path and name that needs to be imported.

If the file is in the current directory, then just type the filename, i. e. caps. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. JUST TO GIVE YOU AN IDEA. I'm pleased he and his wife, Dawn, have allowed me to sell his RV e-book series. 'Beggars in New Zealand', when did we redefine con artists with this new descriptive title. My earliest memories have romantic tales of "Swaggers" short for swagmen who having abandonded settled life by bundling up their worldly possessions into a package they could carry, travelling the highways and byways in search of food and shelter in exchange for itinerent work. They had equally romantic, almost "pirate" identities. Cactus Jack, Swagger Bill, Matagouri, Flax Jack. Often down on their luck but still proud, living in a world without "welfare" they followed the seasons camping in shearers huts and eating at kitchen doors of farms, if fortunate might get a longer term stay through the winter, poisoning rabbits, cutting scrub, picking up stones from paddocks. Today Kiwiblog has a post on the modern beggar but of course they are double, even triple dipping bludgers who offer nothing in return for tax exempt money. They are very low grade confidence tricksters who would have been locked up on charges of "idle and disorderly without visible mans of support once apon a time. That said I have encountered some extremely poor specimins who make an unholy noise on a tin whistle or similar with a hat on the pavement who are very little better than the fatty sat on a suitable wall in a high pedestrian traffic area.

Sorry people it is beyond the pale and if locking them up while an investigation of their apparent need to beg for a living is examined and exposed as the fraud it actually is, then so be it.

If vagrancy is no longer a criminal act then Minister, lets hve a law change, as last I heard demanding money with menaces was still available but might be a bit harsh for the snowflakes. Hello everyone! It's time for a new challenge here at Really Reasonable Ribbon. Please scroll down to the next post for the winners of the last challenge. Create a card, layout, multi media piece, tag, ATC, hair bow, you name it. Just be sure to follow the theme above and use ribbon, lace or trim somewhere on your project. All of the sample projects feature ribbon from Really Reasonable Ribbon.

A layout, card, ATC, home decor item, hair bow, or anything you can think of provided it fits the weekly theme.