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While the shoes themselves remain the same for the most part, the uv map has been updated to work properly with weight sliders. I also included the toddler version as well.

On the way to work this morning I realized that the weekend was almost here! For whatever reason, this week FLEW by for me and I am so glad it did.

k. a. Toddler Valentines If you follow me on Instagram you may have caught my moment of triumph when I assembled E's valentines for her party at school. I designed the card after one of her favorite books and paired it with a fun, "wild" mask. I was contemplating how to attached the card and mask when I stumbled upon bright, colored clips from Dollar Tree. Total win. First week back in training. Of course, this could have been because I was still finishing up the prednisone burst for last week's asthma flare. This is the third time in my life I've done a course of prednisone, and every time I do, I feel like I have unlimited endurance. I don't necessarily run faster on it, but I can go forever. Source:. Past is prologue However it is important to review recent history to understand the full significance of what is taking place and how terrible it is for both US national security interests and that of free Cubans. This leads to the question if it is not the Cuban Adjustment Act what other factor could explain the reason for these different migration waves? Under Carter, Clinton and Obama there were overarching efforts to normalize relations, even at the expense of US national interests. Natalie & Bernard are a beautiful couple living in New York who trusted Momentus Special Events & More Wedding Planning Service from beginning to end. Their Destination Wedding celebration was hosted at The Condado Vanderbilt Hotel with over one hundred guests including family and friends. The amazing flowers and decoration was designed by Emilio Olabarrieta Event Atelier and the spectacular cake was created by C+M Cake Designers. One can never know what treasures might be laying around. I encourage you from the bottom of my heart to go and take her classes, my friends, as they are really, really SPECIAL!!! So, if you have this opportunity, don't miss it and go for it! They are a must! I started my project by applying a coat of Heavy White Gesso to my cover and after drying, I spread Limestone Stone Effect Paste through one of Finnabair's Doily stencils. Remember TV antennas? Well, they still exist. A digital TV antenna allows you to watch local TV stations for free, all without paying a dime to a cable provider. Give it a few moments to load the next page. Once it loads, you'll see what looks like a round diagram with various lines inside, as well as a list of channels off to the right, highlighted in different colors. It can be a bit daunting trying to figure out what it all means, but the only thing you really need to pay the most attention to is the circular diagram. Vendesi a Lipari stanza da letto in ottime condizioni. Hi friends!!!. Charmaine Fong will not give up singing courtesy of on. cc The third First Feature Film Initiative party and award ceremony took place yesterday. Sports, Performing Arts, Culture and Publishing Legislative Council member Ma Fung Kwok, director Felix Chong Man Keung, Wong Chun, actresses Charmaine Fong Ho Man and Hedwig Tam Sin Yin attended. Ma Fung Kwok said that the first FFFI higher education institution group's two winners both performed well. He looked forward to this initiative to continue to attract even more creative filmmakers with more production abilities, to achieve the goals of assisting the younger generation and promoting Hong Kong film industry's long term development goal. Fong Ho Man said that she has already attended the event twice. Happy Friday. new challenge at RRR. Show me the green! Here is my take on it. I used the Red Chevron Twill ribbon. I painted a fun Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts chipboard piece to frame in my sentiment. I shabbied the card up and ripped some of my paper and made it extra special and carried my theme inside. Well painted bull tuck!. She conducted her project on avian gut passage times to predict which bird species would best disperse seeds into degraded forest if reintroduced to Guam. Check out the article about Kloe in the Saipan Tribune here: Strong work, Kloe!!. You have to watch this - it's gold. The last minute or two is especially cute, but you won't get it unless you see the context of it during the rest of the video. Sure, the mighty Bush-Off Machine is still parked in the GOP garage, but the question is, can it be retrofitted for the Age of Trump fast enough to get tens of million Republican idiots off the hook yet again? I doubt it. Because in case you hadn't noticed. Or as one lowdown, disreputable Obot wrote seven long years ago. Where Yesterday Has Been Exiled Memory is Rebellion. Ohio House Rep. It hardly sounds justified, but Murder One seems extreme unless there's more to it. But chances are acts of insurrection won't originate from hard-working people being squeezed out of their ancestral homeland. It will more likely initiate from within the foreign replacement population being brought in and embedded by globalists intent on erasing national borders.

When it does, the questions for people like Ms.

For further information on these Scams, please Read . Entry Submitted by Dr. and I don't mean the laundry detergent! Although I do foresee all green cleaning products in our New Healthy Happy Earth! Some good prophetic Intel for you today. God is going to use things from the past to line up a financial breakthrough. I have not written much about my revised food intake and walking schedule lately. There is is a good reason. I do not have much to tell you. And what I have to tell is not very encouraging. For a few months, I had been walking several miles a day. That was the easy part of my get-with-it regime. Blisters and the ensuing infection. Other than days off to let my feet recover, I was thoroughly enjoying getting out every morning. Trump is a big one, Mosul is huge and the new banking systems, auctions, eDinar, ATM'S LD's, no Dollar use clause. Take your pick!! But I've learned not to live on the edge of my seat but prepared for whatever time. Hi my paper buddies. Today is my day over at the Cheery Lynn Blog. I have a fun sunshiney yellow tag to share with you today on this Monday. Than cut my sentiment out and added it as my main image. I added some cute little flowers using the gardenia and the Sweet Christine flower dies. I also added some leaves for dimension. From there I just added some mini tags and twine tied through the top for my tag. Ready to tie to a package or gift bag. Blogger's Note: The following was provided by Ringing Rocks Elementary School.

As a holiday service project, Ringing Rocks hosted a Pajama Day in support of Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

""So from everyone here at CHOP, THANK YOU for saying YAY to Pajama Day," Rabbit wrote. Michael Dudikoff was a young hunk actor when I was in high school. His career never took off, but apparently, he's still working. He was a lovesick youth pining for hard-to-get, use-them-and-drop-them Bart, Harry Hamlin's character. Michael's character came up to Bart in a gay bar and practically begged him for attention.

There is a strong suggestion that Bart has already had Michael's character, so he's no longer interested, but he doesn't want to be openly rude to the lad.

Michael stood out for me because I recognized him. I guess I had seen him in a TV show. At the time, it was surprising to me to see such a hunkish young man not only play a gay character, but one that was needy and obviously submissive. Article via Naver Actress Kim Min Hee has been awarded the Silver Bear for Best Actress at the Berlin Festival, one of the three major film festivals in the world, for her portrayal in the movie "Night At The Beach Alone". In the case of Kim Min Hee however, the situation is embarrassing. The public opinion is very negative as she has been caught in an affair with film director Hong Sang Soo.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism said: "The actors who won the Best Actress Award at the three biggest film festivals were rewarded.

Hello my lovely friends!! It's Mandi here with design team Tuesday!! I have a this lovely tag to share with you today. Just stamp the butterfly all over your tag and then stamp one on to white card. Cut it out and glue just the body down on top of one already stamped leaving the wings to pop up Next stamp your sentiment and cut it out and glue the words down individually.

Here are a couple that I love.

First up is Brecken Berning. While I was searching out reliable information for a reply to Legbut's last squirt of unsavoury material, I came across some interesting background on the Australian economy. It shows a headlong rush in the race to be the Venezuela of the Pacific. Australia is heading that way, thanks to a succession of deluded state and federal socialist governments. .