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I really wanted something like that for kids, so here it is. Feel free to do recolors, just don't include the mesh and link back to this post in case of an update. The Trail To Bigfoot team head out in the night to look for the elusive skunkape roaming the swamps. They take a long a parabolic dish for recording whatever sounds are being made. So did they find the skunkape, or did a skunkape find them?. Hehe. We just eat, swim, relax, laugh during our stay. All good memories. But it STINKS when it's the focus of a issue and not the heart of the matter. Look, if you were there, you play a part! It takes two! Well, in our society we have many that can start a fight with themselves! Many will not even take responsibility for themselves! We still want to blame someone else rather than to take responsibility. Centoquattresima puntata. Oggi: I soccorsi al traghetto "Lazio" della Tirrenia al largo di Acquacalda. Moorhouse/Back Lane - disused railway. The male FIRECREST was seen just before midday. The form to nominate can be accessed through this link. Named for one of PCACAC's most outstanding members, the Marion Flagg Scholarship is awarded annually to a group of exceptional educational professionals who are not currently members of PCACAC and who have not previously attended a PCACAC conference. This scholarship specifically targets counselors who work with historically underserved students, minority students or students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Scholarship recipients will be asked to confirm their attendance at the conference if selected. Before submitting a nomination, please ensure the nominee is willing and able to attend the program if selected. Hey RRR peeps! Got a cute one for you today.

YES another Valentine card.

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Insubordinate Acting Attorney General fired.

Liberal heads explode. Tuesday Conservative judge nominated for Supreme Court. More liberal heads explode. Wednesday All quiet on the Western Front Thursday Trump gives Turnbull a deserved kick in the backside.

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We watched Katelyn and Joseph for a weekend.

maybe helping Grandma. I was just shocked. Horribly shocked. According to Microsoft documentation, Logic Apps is a service to simplify and implement scalable integration and workflows in the cloud. As a CRM professional I was aware of Microsoft Flow but not of Logic Apps. Microsoft Flow is actually built on Logic App Most of the features and API connections are the same. The major difference is that Microsoft Flow is targeted for business users whereas Logic Apps is targeted towards IT professionals and developers.

Logic Apps can have some additional connections like BizTalk APIs.

The other major difference is that Microsoft Flow workflows are created in production but Logic Apps provides the DevOps and security assurance.

The good thing is that we don't need to write code to create the endpoints. Create a Logic App Logon to the Microsoft Azure Portal. Hi folks! Today we get to share the new challenge for RRR. The challenge this time around is a heart theme with ribbon. Which is pretty easy, especially this time of the year. Valentine's is just around the corner. I created two sets of mini cards. Great way to use smaller scraps, unloved diecuts that didn't make it into a bigger projects, etc. and just have fun finding homes for it all. JIMMY FALLON: In fact, things are so tense between Trump and the press, he says he's not going to this year's White House Correspondents' Dinner. An aide defended his decision saying, quote, 'If a Girl Scout egged your house, would you buy cookies from her?' And Americans said, 'If she's selling Thin Mints, hell yeah. '. BJOG. The NIV is even more direct: "mourn with those who mourn". Having lost a spouse, I've found that I have a close and automatic connection to others who have lost spouses, especially those who were married for a long time. I found the prayer to be especially poignant and God-honoring. Here is an English version and a link to the prayer in Hebrew:Exalted and hallowed be God's great name in the world which God created, according to plan. Bnonn makes some interesting connections with the Book of Job. The OT sometimes uses "folk etymologies" or puns. Some people might object that "folk etymologies" are incorrect, but that misses the point. It's like saying a pun is incorrect. Heart Throb is available in the Queen & Co. I have two thank-you cards on the Queen & Co. blog today. Hope you'll stop by for a closer look! This card above has a more simple design and features a heart shaker with a thick frosted acrylic word sentiment. ChildAbuseRecovery. Spectacular 'Super Bloom' Is Just Days Away In This California Desert It's about to transform into a sea of purple, yellow and white. Southern Californians are in for a display of dazzling beauty, with an expected "super bloom" of wildflowers in the Anza-Borrego Desert within the next couple of weeks. Wildflowers in the desert, about two hours east of San Diego, typically bloom annually. But this year's bloom is expected to be grander than most because the desert has gotten more rain than usual since December, according to KPBS. The extra precipitation has led to numerous wildflowers popping up. One of the most eye-popping of those is the sand verbena, which blankets the area with purple.