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She goes to sleep easily.

She belly laughed the other night when Brent was reading a book and doing funny voices, and it was the highlight of my week. I feel like, as my second baby, I appreciate her darling baby-ness so much more. Her sweet cheeks and chubby thighs and fuzzy hair. I just know what she turns into- a toddler- which is great, but just. more difficult. Hello AI fans!! Dana here with a card we can all relate too!! We all have bad days, and this would be a perfect card to send someone as a little humorous pick me up!! I started by stamping the Flamingo on some watercolor card stock. Then I used my Distress Markers and a little water to color it up! I used: Peacock Feathers, Spiced Marmalade, Spun Sugar, Evergreen Bough. Next, I trimmed the image to fit my card base and cut off the top portion by first using my paper trimmer to cut straight to the image, from both sides. Then I fussy cut around the image. With a black marker, I colored the edge of the image that I cut out. .