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The sheriff's office on Tuesday identified the fallen lawman as Senior Deputy T.

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Not that she minds the cold but god forbid a chow chow has to step on anything damp.

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As one can readily see, this is business as usual. THE HOGS GET FEED FIRST. It feels like we are trying to learn or adjust on the fly, but I don't know that, it could just be a slow roll out strategy. Maybe both. It's not been a "shotgun start" for the ZIM, at least not here in Asia, all other currencies maybe, but those we are told will follow in the near future.

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I love you all. We are all children of creation, and all of us the most brilliant creators too.

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They lost. Hundreds were from the Clinton Foundation. The cleanup continues to dethrone those who have profited from ill gotten gains and eliminate the financial scam of the past hundreds of years. When the student is ready-the teacher shall appear, I do firmly believe that, and that is certainly no coincidence-this has been a long journey for many,for we are all growing at our own pace-I do believe…and the information we need, arrives when we are ready to receive. Interesting that you mention reincarnation, and your lack of belief.

I was brought up with that indoctrination too.

As time has progressed, and many different experiences, I cannot make that claim. It is my belief there is a whole lot more to our universe, our life path, our life experiences, than we have been educated on. So-part of my personal quest has been seeking truth, so I can understand, so I may be a better Steward for our Humanity. Article: Fire breaks out at Kyuhyun's hotel in Taiwan. what did you have to "endure". Debating is not for stimulating conflicts, but for brainstorming better ways to do things. .